Summer Reading List

Cringe Top Pick

Station Eleven – Emily St John Mandel

IMG_9313A post-apocalyptic novel about the power of art to keep the ‘human’ in ‘humanity’, and also “friendship, memory, love, celebrity, our obsession with objects, oppressive dinner parties, comic books, and knife-throwing.” In the aftermath of a global epidemic a group of traveling Shakespearean actors bring theatre to isolated pockets of habitation. It’s a beautifully written spec fic novel dealing with issues of character, relationship, ethics and power that are more important in these times than ever before. I’m hoping that along with J by Howard Jacobsen we’re seeing the dawn of a new age of adult literary dystopias.


Highly Recommended

The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt

IMG_9315“If a serious book really catches on, it may be less important that its strictly literary quality is not as great as one might have hoped and more important that it’s touched a nerve.” So says literary editor Leon Wieseltier of the great opinion divide on Tartt’s latest Pulitzer prize-winner. Whatever the verdict, Donna Tartt only comes round once every decade so make the most of her while she’s here.


Perfidia – James Ellroy

IMG_9314“I wanted to give people crime fiction on an epic, transcendental scale.” Summer reading wouldn’t be complete without something to darken your doorstep like a good old crime noir. Ellroy’s first LA Quartet was a genre-definer, and the new ‘prequel’ series looks to be even better.


Yes Please – Amy Poehler

IMG_9316“Be Whoever You Are.” Those not familiar with the brilliance of Parks & Recreation will not fully grasp how qualified Poehler is to bring us this wisdom in her kind-of-memoir. Don’t tell the Paris Review but SNL has delivered to the world some great minds through the medium of comedic tomfoolery, and Ms Poehler is no exception.


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