December 2014

Music is the theme for December, though don’t be surprised if a few seasonal items spring forth. Look for a reflection on the power of music to incite social change; a list of the best Christmas movie scores to balance your carols quota; a perfect summer reading list; and some guest appearances from Cringe friends, old and new.

  • ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn – Review
  • ‘Gone Girl’: A Discussion of Themes & Implications
  • Sir Partridge Gormley Speaks
  • On “Strange Fruit”
  • Why Am I Afraid of Failure?
  • Top Ten Christmas Movie Themes
  • Summer Reading Lists

November 2014

The Cringe authors explore the concept of Rejection in all areas of life but particularly in relation to writing. Enjoy discussions of schoolyard politics and high school identity; humorous ways to respond to rejection letters; intimate pieces of short fiction; and a very personal perspective on writerly rejection.

  • Music Festivals: Life After 22
  • Unnatural Selection
  • Reject-Me-Nots for Writers: How to Get and Give Rejection Letters
  • ‘An Untamed State’ by Roxane Gay – Review
  • The Rejectees Guide to Recovery
  • Prologue
  • Facing Rejection Head On
  • The End

October 2014

To celebrate the launch of The Cringe our authors write about Introductions, personal and professional. Learn how to apply the principles of social science to your dating life; ponder the sudden appearance of unplanned characters in your manuscript; consider the stark intimacy of getting naked; and marvel at the unique magic of unexpected encounters over martinis.

  • Prepare for Unauthorised Entries
  • Richard Flanagan Wins the Man Booker Prize 2014
  • ‘Barracuda’ by Christos Tsiolkas – Review
  • Wish I Was There: Imagined Postcards From the Edge
  • The (Supher)Hero’s Journey
  • ‘Boy21’ by Matthew Quick – Review
  • Name Tag Etiquette
  • The Hemingway
  • Happy Halloween, Australia