When the Stars Align…

I always seem to be waiting for the perfect moment.

Just the right time.

All my ducks in a row.

When the stars align in the night sky.

Man and the Universe
And how often does that happen?


That’s right.

So procrastination, it is then.

Or “patience”…but that’s being overly kind.

I thought about the other day at the beach, and that momentary sense of peace and lightness. How could I tap back into that feeling, sustain it, weave into the fabric of my being?

I thought about how that moment could be realized within my life. Waking up at 5.30am, walking down to the beach, over cool sand, pre-dawn.

Sun salutations to awaken body & soul.
A mindful meditation to bring awareness and peace.
The rolling waves of the ocean, the engine of the earth purring into life.
An idyllic beginning, although beyond the realm of my current reality.
Using tools to hand, though, I took a positive step in creating the scene, painting the picture.

A yoga instructional podcast.
A mindful meditation audio recording.
The sound of the ocean captured on CD.

Taking these three separate elements using editing technology available to me I was able to combine all element in one track so that I can practice yoga and mediation whilst hearing the mighty ocean as a backing track.

That’s the stillness I’ve brought to myself today.

Alignment needs to be sought out. Sometimes it’s not about starring up at the sky, but looking under rocks, and some good ‘ole hardwork and application.

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