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September 02 , 2021

Metallic paint is also called "metal flash paint". Fine metal powder (such as aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.) is added to its paint base. After the light hits the metal powder, it is reflected through the gas film. It looks like metal is gleaming. This kind of metallic paint is often used in home decoration and protection of metal, wood, plastic, and exterior walls of buildings, and can give people a pleasant, light and novel visual experience. In addition, if you change the shape and size of the metal powder, you can also control the brilliance of the metallic glitter paint film. Therefore, the unique properties of metallic paint make it a popular topcoat for automobiles and decorations.

What is the difference between metallic paint and ordinary paint?


The paint surface of metallic paint is harder. Because the paint is doped with metal components, the hardness of the paint is increased, and the paint surface becomes harder. For a car, the hard paint surface can reflect the layering of the car body. Make the car look more three-dimensional, and the overall shape gets extra points. In addition, the difference from ordinary lacquer is that the color of the lacquer is more pure. The most typical colors of ordinary paint are black, red, white, etc. After these paints are added with silver powder, the displayed color will have a great change, which will cause some consumers to not accept this color.


What are the characteristics of metallic paint?


The metallic paint is rich in color and can create various metallic textures. Secondly, it has excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding salt and alkali resistance, and can be used in places with salt spray corrosion such as coastal areas. At the same time, it has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion, and is one of the best anti-corrosion decorative coatings for walls. In addition, the metal paint sea has extremely strong water resistance and mildew resistance. Even in a dark environment, it can resist the growth and nourishment of mold for a long time. Metallic paint takes advantage of its excellent weather resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance, can resist a variety of harsh weather erosion, effectively protect the wall, and delay aging.


In order to comply with the call to protect the environment and adapt to changes in the macro environment, water-based metallic paint has become the first choice for home decoration and automotive finishes due to its non-toxic and non-polluting properties. We provide KINNO metallic paint in various colors. Our products are very cost-effective. If you want your furniture to have a new look, you will get a new set of furniture with a simple operation. In addition, when you pay, we will send you a set of painting tools. Hurry up and buy it and try it!

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