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March 23 , 2021

The hot summer is coming soon, is there an urge to eat ice cream under the scorching sun?

Recently, an internet celebrity ice cream has exploded on the Internet, which is wrapped in glittering gold leaf, which gives it a feeling of being full of local tycoons. But this little ice cream made many people dare not try it easily, and doubted its edibility.

In fact, edible gold leaf has a long history. Gold leaf was first used in food and beverages in the 16th century in continental Europe. Indians used to eat the cheaper silver foil together with desserts long ago, believing that it can help digestion. Local people in the UK also regard gold leaf as a medicinal product, traditionally paired with another healthy food, gingerbread.

In 1983, the World Health Organization Food Additives Codex Committee stipulated that gold can be used as a food additive, so gold leaf that meets the standards in the world is edible. Here is a warm reminder that only 24k edible gold foil is edible. General gold foil is used for decoration and painting, and it is often used in Buddha statues and buildings.

Some people may wonder, is there any special flavor of gold leaf ice cream? Is it delicious?

The edible gold leaf on the ice cream is very thin and the taste is weak. When eating, there is no feeling of cracking of the gold leaf, but it may stick to the teeth and lips. Gold leaf ice cream has been sold in various countries, and many tourists will taste the taste of gold here.

From this, we can draw a conclusion that whether it is gold leaf ice cream or gold leaf desserts, they all use edible gold leaf, which is harmless to the human body. The only thing more than ordinary food should be the taste of money.

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