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August 12 , 2021

As people's understanding of gold leaf foil and its products continues to deepen, it is more and more widely consumed in people's lives. Why is Jinling Gold Foil so much concerned? This has to start with the origin of gold leaf and Buddhism.

Gold is rare and has been a symbol of dignity since ancient times. During the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, gold was widely used in Buddhist culture. For the purpose of saving raw materials and facilitating decoration, gold leaf is the best form of gold.

China has a long history of making gold leaf, as evidenced by the large number of gold leaf products found in the unearthed cultural relics in Sanxingdui. During the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, Buddhism prevailed, and Nanjing, as one of the three major Buddhist centers in China, stimulated the development of the handicraft industry of gold leaf. There are records in the literature about the production of gold and silver leaf foil and the establishment of a brocade bureau, which confirms the origin of gold foil and Buddhism.

In Buddhism, gold is given the special meaning of being unchangeable, pure and flawless, unobstructed, and eternal. Buddhist scriptures often use "golden body" or "bright body" to express the holiness and inviolability of the Buddha body. The Bodhisattva wants to cast a golden body with this, which means "the golden body protects the body and protects against all diseases."

Nanjing has always been one of China's Buddhist centers in history, and is known as the "Buddha Capital of the World". At the same time, Nanjing gold leaf is also widely used in foreign temples. In Thailand, Myanmar and other countries, you can see magnificent temples everywhere. Devotees often participate in gold-sticking activities to express their piety to the gods.

Thousands of years have passed, Buddhism and gold have many fate. In May 2006, the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage "Nanjing Gold Foil Forging Techniques" announced by the State Council was included in the list.For the past 20 years, KINNO foil has been devoted to the development of various kinds of gold foils and copper foils as well as Taiwan gold foil, gold flakes and copper flakes. All pure gold products from KINNO have obtained certification from MSDS, FDA and other industry related certifications.

At present, KINNO gives full play to its own advantages and increases the promotion of the "KINNO Gold Leaf" brand in various fields of gold foil. Establish a good image of "KINNO Gold Leaf" brand in the industry. Focus on the competitiveness of the brand, pay attention to the growth trend of the industry, and enhance the core competitiveness of the brand in the industry.

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