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The functions of gold foil skin care products | Kinnogold.com
Nov 26, 2020

Adding gold foil to skin care products and gently massaging can make the skin absorb nutrients quickly. With gold foil as the link, the absorption speed of follow-up skin care will also be accelerated. When touching the skin, gold foil can also improve blood circulation and accelerate skin metabolism. After the skin collagen and gold foil contact, will form gold enrichment, increase a large number of subcutaneous fiber, fixed epidermis and skin tissue, tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles, restore youth.

Adding gold foil to skin care products is mainly to strengthen the function of nutrition introduction. Because gold has high conductivity and stability, it is not easy to cause human skin rejection. In particular, after nano treatment, gold foil carries negative ions to generate microcirculation energy, thoroughly clean the accumulated dirt on the skin, activate skin metabolism, activate cell vitality and skin elasticity, delay the generation of wrinkles, whiten the skin, resist ultraviolet rays, keep healthy and moist, and greatly improve the efficacy of skin care products.

Gold foil in skin care products will naturally interact with positive ions in the human body after contacting the skin, promoting the ion flow in blood and tissues, generating new energy, thus improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

Due to its nano sized particles and negative ions, gold foil with high absorption and absorption promotion can be absorbed by skin immediately by massage. At the same time, the conductivity of reactive gold itself is very strong, with the use of cosmetics has a special effect on the skin.

Its unique introduction function can promote the metabolism of fibroblasts and epidermal cells, accelerate the penetration of nutrients into dermis, improve microcirculation and activate cell vitality. The cosmetic and skin care effect is 70% higher than that of ordinary cosmetics.

This is like a bridge on the surface of the skin, through which the active ingredients can be introduced into the skin, which can significantly improve the absorption and retention of nutrients and moisture.

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