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December 14 , 2020

Gold foil has a wide range of applications, including Buddhism, classical architecture, high-grade housing construction, medical and health products, culture and education, etc. among them, gold foil is widely used in Buddhist statues, pavilions and pavilions, horizontal board couplets and decorative design.

Gold foil is a safe food additive:food-grade gold foil

In recent years, the consumption of gold foil has become popular in Japan and Southeast Asia. The delicious food, wine, water, sugar and cake have come out one after another. Adding a small amount of gold foil in the edible wine has the functions of detoxification, whitening and freckle removing.

In 1983, WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission announced that gold would be included in the law of food additives, which was listed as table a No. 310. The organic substances for safe use as new food resources announced by the national health and Family Planning Commission of China were divided into nine categories, among which the eighth category of minerals and trace elements was determined to contain "gold foil". At present, there are many large-scale enterprises producing "gold foil wine".

Gold foil is widely used in craft gifts:Gold Foil Craft Gifts Decors

The craft gift covered with gold foil has relativity, pure gold industrial products have low cost, which not only fully reflects the elegance of gold, but also ensures the essence of plastic arts. It can be as brilliant as gold, and can surpass gold to sublimate it into an integration of decorative design, artistic works appreciation and collection, which has become the latest fashion trend nowadays.

At the present stage, the gold foil handicraft industry can be described as gorgeous, such as gold foil painting, gold image card, full gold personal business card, pure gold foil photo, obsidian gold foil ornament handicraft, gold foil decoration, key ring, gold lettered signboard, etc. In today's market, gold foil art is even more pioneering and innovative. The paintings are made into transparent film composite type, and then made into high-grade imitation gold foil paintings on the film photos pasted with gold foil, and the gold foil paintings and ceramic glaze gold foil paintings with more complicated processing techniques are made.

Gold foil is widely used in architectural decoration design.

A small amount of gold can bring the effect of making noumenon with gold. The application of gold foil technology is generally applicable to antique architectural engineering, Chinese architecture, and gold lettered plaque, such as gold foil for Buddha statues, gold foil for pavilions and pavilions, and gold foil for architectural decoration. Famous gold foil engineering buildings include: Beijing Tian'anmen Gate, Beijing Great Hall of the people, China Central Television, etc.

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