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August 06 , 2021

The wonderful world is always refreshing our cognition. With the popularity and promotion of gold leaf foil, it has been widely used in food, architecture, art and other fields, and gold leaf lacquer painting has become famous all over the world. Come with us into the world of gold leaf lacquer painting.

What is gold leaf lacquer painting?

Gold leaf lacquer painting usually refers to a painting drawn with gold leaf as the base and using the production process of lacquer painting. Gold leaf lacquer painting is the most abundant type of gold leaf painting at present, and its richness mainly comes from the artistic expression of lacquer painting itself.

What are the advantages of gold leaf lacquer painting?

Use gold leaf foil, silver leaf foil, and copper leaf foil as the base material, and use the non-deformed and non-cracked whole board as the bottom plate. Professional arts and crafts painters use shaping, engraving, and lacquer art to make coloring effects according to the design samples. It may be full of gold, or interspersed with embellishment of gold to refresh, so that the viewer will achieve noble, elegant, luxurious, and stylish after viewing, and produce a strong visual appeal.

It has the function of display, collection and display, which can set up the atmosphere of the scene for the decoration and configuration of all places. The preciousness and randomness of gold leaf lacquer paintings have won the hearts of people from all walks of life, and they have become mid-to-high-end fashion craft gifts in the new century.

How is the gold leaf lacquer painting made?

1. Bottom plate treatment: The bottom plate needs to be polished and smooth, and the coarse ash, medium ash and fine ash shall be scraped in sequence. The ash shall be dried and polished after each scraping. Then brush the primer back and forth twice, dry it in the shade, and polish it smoothly.

2. Brush the foil water. When the moisture of the foil water is almost dry, you can apply the gold foil. The primer should be brushed back and forth twice as for the gold foil. After drying in the shade, polish it smoothly.

3. The middle level plays the role of connecting the past and the future, comprehensively controlling the implementation effect of technology, the degree of control technology in place, and the overall adjustment of parts and components.

4. Lacquer surface and overall picture processing: This step is the final level of the gold leaf lacquer painting process, which determines the basic tone of the picture. At different stages of the middle layer and the upper layer, partial or full initial grinding can be carried out as needed.

5. Complete the drawing process: the traditional gold leaf lacquer painting needs to be polished. Simply painting with large lacquer requires a regular removal process. Some parts are only partially polished and finished with gold leaf paint.

Gold foil lacquer painting is usually suitable for star hotels, high-end clubhouse villas, tasteful home furnishings, personalized restaurants, tea houses, high-end real estate and large-scale well-known enterprises and institutions.

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