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Oct 30, 2020

With the development of the wide application of gold foil,more and more people may be familiar with the word "gold foil". However, there are still many people who have a wait-and-see attitude towards the use of gold foil.

Don’t worry. We will popularize the knowledge of gold foil for you.

Gold foil is a traditional national product of China, and its production process has a long history.

As early as 2500 years ago, metallurgy and alchemy has existed. In Dynasty Tang, Song,Yuan, Ming, Qing, in Jiangning Huayuan Township,male hammered the gold foil, and female brocaded the thread. According to the "records of the Forbidden City", the gold foil used in the Forbidden City and the Royal Dragon Robe was produced in Jiangning. The tomb of the Dynasty Qing which was listed in the world cultural heritage list was also recorded in the inscription of the unearthed tomb: "the gold foil comes from Jiangning", so Jiangning is the hometown of gold foil.

In Dynasty Ming and Qing, gold foil became a tribute to the court, decorated the royal garden.

It is now widely used in classical garden architecture, modern architecture, sculpture and antique furniture.

Now, Nanjing Yongbo Gold Foil Factory is writing the sequel to this section of the brilliant history and creating the even better and more beautiful future through YongBo Brand gold foil. Our company was established in October in 1998, mainly producing gold. It is a series of gold foil and vacuumalminum plating. The variety has gold foil,silve foil,copper foil.

Making a piece of gold foil successfully needs total 12 processes. The process of issuing and cutting foil must be done manually. It can't be replaced by machines.

Of course, the knowledge about gold foil is much more than this. This time, we only introduce the origin of gold foil. How to use the gold foil, the widely use of the gold foil and the advantages of using gold foils can be introduced next time.

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