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December 21 , 2020

Gold foil is a very common ornament at present. Hotels, ancient buildings and handicraft factories all need gold foil of good quality. Of course, gold foil quality is good, but also need careful maintenance.

1. Try to avoid collision and use with care

Gold foil as a decorative material, its own protection is very weak, so when leaving the factory, the surface of gold foil will have a layer of protective clear finish. However, the protective power of the top coat is not very strong, so in order to prolong the service life of gold foil, we should try our best to avoid bumping them in daily life, and we should be careful in the use process.

2. Use a suitable cleaner

After using gold foil products for a long time, there will be stains on the surface. In the face of stains, it is necessary to avoid using hard, high hardness and sharp edges to clean the surface. Because the protective power of gold foil is very weak, the use of hard objects will break the protective varnish, and may also cause the gold foil to fall off and even affect the beauty. It is recommended to use soft towel as cleaning material, and the liquid detergent sprayed on the surface of gold foil should also avoid the selection of chemicals.

3. If any damage is found, repair it immediately

Gold foil will inevitably encounter a small area of falling off, even if you contact the gold foil manufacturer to apply for after-sales service, arrange professional technicians to repair in time. It is not advisable to use hard objects to scrape and purchase gold foil for repair.

In order to extend the service life of gold foil, customers can avoid direct sunlight and use common and effective protective pads to prevent accidental bumping.

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