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June 07 , 2021

Different from the cold winter and the prosperous spring, summer is a suitable season for wearing jewelry. The shining summer makes the whole world beautiful like a splendid oil painting.

Gold leaf paper is forged from real gold through twelve special processes. The gold foil is as thin as a cicada's wings and can be attached to any solid material. Its unique golden luster gives it many uses, but the most common decorations are still palaces or Buddhist temples.

Gold is precious and rare, and cannot meet people's demand for large-scale use. With the growth of diversified demand, many jewelry suppliers hope that more people can wear their favorite gold jewelry, breaking the problem of using gold foil in traditional fields. Using real gold quenched gold foil as raw material, combined with modern aesthetic requirements, develop gold foil jewelry that can be worn daily, so that the light and dexterous characteristics of gold foil can be presented in jewelry, making it possible for people to wear daily.

Pursuing the concept of exquisite life, more and more jewelry suppliers apply "intangible cultural heritage" technology to jewelry design, creating a series of jewelry full of artistic beauty and unique gold leaf culture, which contains the gold that everyone yearns for branches and leaves. Plot life. It also conveys profound cultural heritage with colorful artistic modeling and beautiful meanings such as golden swords, golden jade halls and so on.

The brightest thing in summer is the gold leaf nail art. The gold leaf emits a unique light under the strong sunlight, making you the brightest person in summer. Hurry up and DIY a manicure with KINNO gold leaf with us, and enjoy your exclusive summer time!

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