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May 28 , 2021

The development of the home furnishing industry and the unlimited market potential will bring vitality to resin products. In the era of more and more refined spiritual life, experiential life marketing and appreciation of the overall family model have transformed accessories from an excellent role to a key support role. Therefore, more and more artists are entering the ranks of making resin art crafts.

Resin handicrafts are made of resin as the main raw material, and are molded through molds to make various beautiful and vivid figures, animals, birds, landscapes, etc., and can be made into various simulation effects.Such as imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation crystal, imitation agate, imitation marble, imitation white marble, imitation wood and other resin crafts.

The internal resin generally refers to an organic polymer that has a softening or melting range after heating. When softened, it flows under the action of external force. It is a solid, semi-solid or liquid organic polymer at room temperature.

How to make a resin craft?

1. Determine the resin handicraft you want to make, and then use the shape of the resin handicraft to make a silicone mold.

2. Put the unsaturated resin in the container, and add an appropriate amount of filler for uniform mixing. The resin crafts made after uniform mixing can reduce the appearance of blemishes.

3. After uniform stirring, add appropriate amount of curing agent and accelerator to the unsaturated resin, and continue to stir uniformly.

4. Finally, pour the prepared resin into the silicone mold, wait for the resin to solidify and release from the mold, and then you can get the resin crafts you want.

In the process of use, it can be used with KINNO brand copper leaf flakes. Add half of the epoxy resin to the mold, pick up some gold flakes, and then add the remaining epoxy resin. Wait for 24 hours to demold. In the end you will get a gorgeous and beautiful resin artwork.

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