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November 30 , 2020

Some gold leaf manufacturers introduce thatUsually we can observe with eyes to find the difference. When let the gold leaf is under the sunlight, it will show green. While the imitation gold leaf is not easy to show green. The gold leaf is much thinner than the imitation gold leaf. The gold leaf is broken when touched by hand, while the imitation gold leaf is much thicker than the gold leaf and is not fragile when touched by hand. In addition, real gold is not afraid of fire. The specific raw material of imitation gold leaf is copper. Copper will be turned into copper oxide and blackened according to the combustion, while real gold leaf will not.

If we want to test the pure gold content of gold foil, we must according to the professional instrument. According to the human eye view, can be roughly, such as 9 Red 8 Yellow 7 green. That is to say, the gold content over 90 is reddish, the content of 80 is yellow, and the content of 70 is cyan.

Today's gold foil production has been integrated into modern science and technology. The auxiliary materials (black gold paper) and equipment used have been greatly innovated. The output and quality have been greatly improved. It has the value of preserving, collecting, commemorating and appreciating.

Gold features stable, permanent color, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, insect bite, radiation protection, gold foil with gold support has universal use.

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