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January 29 , 2021

Applying on gold foil can increase the sense of grace and luxury. Therefore, in people’s daily life, you can often see gold foil crafts or furniture, but if the craftsmanship of the gold foil is not good, it will easily be unsightly and waste money. It doesn't look good, so what aspects need to be handled carefully in the process of applying gold leaf?

1. Disposal of gold foil base blank:

a. Stainless steel base blanks need to be pickled to remove rust, and car primers are blocked.

b. The wooden base billet needs to be sealed with wood lacquer and needs to be polished and lubricated.

2. Gluing:

Gold foil must be pasted with gold deposit paint (deposit oil), pay attention to filter glue particles before gluing. Use the wool pen to apply the gold to the area.

3. Deposit:

The gold foil used is the national standard 98 gold foil, which ensures that it does not change color for a long time and is as bright as new.

4. Sweeping foil and glazing oil:

After the gold foil is applied, you need to clean the excess gold foil and pay attention to the leakage. Let it dry in the shade for about 2 days, and then use the diamond top coat as a maintenance varnish.

Follow the above-mentioned method to paste the gold leaf. The handicrafts or furniture that are pasted are exquisite and beautiful, and there is no need to waste extra gold leaf and extra time.

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