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Gold Foil cutting process requirements | Kinnogold.com
Dec 24, 2020

Anyone who is a little familiar with gold leaf cutting knows that this is a "fine" job, cutting and blowing with your mouth. The "mouth" blowing from the mouth must be thin, stable and accurate, so that the gold leaf can be moved steadily without damaging the gold leaf. This is a very important skill in the work of cutting gold leaf. It generally requires more than half a year of hard practice.

The difficulty of this skill lies in the fact that the gold foil that needs to be cut is very thin, and the thickness of each piece is only about 0.01 microns. Such a thin gold foil will melt in the hand when you hold it by hand, and it cannot withstand the pressure of the tool, so the player needs to cut the foil. The knife moves the gold leaf by "blowing" with the mouth. The angle and strength of the "breath" of the mouth are very strict, and it must be skillfully matched with the bamboo knife in the hand. A little carelessness will damage the gold leaf.

In addition, not only the gold leaf to be cut is very thin, but the foil cutting board under the gold leaf is also made of thin leather. Therefore, in the process of cutting the gold leaf, the strength of the bamboo knife needs to be strictly controlled. If the force is not enough, it is difficult to split the thin gold leaf instantaneously, but once the force is slightly greater, the sharp bamboo knife will cut the skin.

The gold foil to be cut is of an unconventional shape. After being cut into squares, there will inevitably be leftovers. In order to save expensive gold foil materials, it is necessary to carefully design the slitting and splicing scheme, which requires quite high requirements for the observation and calculation capabilities of the foil cutter's plane geometry . Foil cutting is the last and most important process in gold foil production, and it is directly related to the quality of the finished gold foil.

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