Get The Look – Gilding Flakes
June 18 , 2021

We have all been going mad for that gold look, gold has been everywhere, it’s been raining gold! OK, perhaps not, but it is proving to be the desirable look for the season, so I have the final Get The Look in my Gold series, well at least for the time being, and it is a little exploration into that stock favourite Gilding Flakes.

Gilding Flakes have been with us for yonks but gilding flakes kind of made a dramatic comeback a couple of years ago in the papercraft and stamping community and suddenly they were everywhere. Literally! Do you find that? They just get EVERYWHERE! Open that jar and those flakes travel, dude!

Gilding flakes are an ultra-thin metal alloy that imitates the precious metal colours like silver and gold. As well as silvers and golds, you can also find flakes in coppers and colour mixes and there are some really beautiful colours out there.

You can find gilding flakes in many of the art and craft shops that you probably already buy from and there are lots of different brands providing them now.

The gilding flake products I have personally used are from Cosmic Shimmer, IndigoBlu and Crafty Notions, but they are all much the same and it is best to go for the best price per volume for your budget.

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