Do you know the unusualness of gold foil wallpaper?
August 26 , 2021

With the improvement of people's living standards, the decoration of gold leaf paper has gradually come into everyone's field of vision. At the same time, in order to highlight the magnificence of the decoration effect, many hotels and guesthouses also choose gold leaf wallpaper when choosing wallpaper.

It is not an exaggeration to use the term "golden and brilliant" to describe gold foil wallpaper. Gold foil wallpaper is also called gold wallpaper. As a high-end and luxurious handmade wallpaper, the brilliant gold foil wallpaper has become a status symbol in home life. Gold foil wallpaper is a kind of decorative material, but it is more like a kind of handmade art. It has become a symbol of noble authority with its preciousness and dazzling luster.

Gold foil wallpaper is made of gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metal objects through a special process to make metal foil, and then hand-applied the foil to the surface of the wallpaper. It is famous for its rich patterns and luxurious appearance.

With the development of society, the resplendent gold leaf wallpaper will also be widely used. It is used in home background walls for the public, and publicly used in hotels, presidential luxury suites, high-end hotels and entertainment venues, high-end clubs and private villas, etc.

The walls decorated with gold leaf wallpaper have various styles, novel and elegant, magnificent and unique. After continuous research and development and innovation, this gold foil wallpaper has become more mature and perfect, and the colors and varieties have also increased. At the same time, it is also sold at home and abroad, and is welcomed and favored by consumers in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places, and has gradually become a leader in the field of decoration.

What are the advantages of gold foil wallpaper?

The gold foil paper decorative wallpaper material does not add any chemical and other prohibited ingredients, is green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting, and will not harm human health. It is a high-end new type of decorative material certified by the national authority. The handmade series of wallpaper products are also Obtained a national patent and promoted nationwide.

Gold foil wallpaper is not only a decorative material, but also an art. The raw materials used in traditional wallpaper are simple wood and other waste products. The surface is matte and the texture is not hard. Once soiled, it is difficult to remove and will leave marks. Gold foil wallpaper is tough, firm, resistant to friction, and also resistant to acid and alkali due to the addition of metal components. If there are stains, just wipe it with a damp cloth, don’t worry about leaving marks.

How to use gold foil wallpaper?

1. The gold foil wallpaper is generally thin, and the surface is smooth and easy to reflect, causing the bottom layer to be uneven and small particles are not harmful. Therefore, the construction wall must be firm, clean, smooth, and free from peeling. You can smooth the wall with putty first, sand it with sandpaper after it dries, and then brush it twice with diluted nitro varnish (or wallpaper base film), and let it dry for 24 hours to keep the room ventilated.

2. Because of the high reflectivity of the gold foil wallpaper, the seams are more obvious than ordinary paper. It is necessary to explain to the customer before construction, and confirm with the customer 2-3 days after construction, and then continue construction.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp, pointed, hard, and angular objects on the surface of the wallpaper to drive, scrape, or press. The wallpaper should be cut with a special wallpaper cutter. The cutting angle is 45 degrees as the best, in order to ensure the seam effect. It is advisable to use overlapping cutting methods for cutting.

4. All edge interfaces of the wallpaper should be closed at inner corners or lines. Imported special glue should be used when sticking gold foil wallpaper. The amount of glue should be appropriate, thin and even. If there is overflow, clean it up in time. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the surface with a dirty wet cloth during the paving process, it is best to wipe off the dirt with a dry cloth.

5. Because the wallpaper glue contains water, and then wipe it after overflowing, there is also the possibility of causing the surface of the wallpaper to oxidize, so you should use the machine to glue and use the protective tape correctly. In addition, you can also consider using the method of wall glue. During the construction, try to use pressure rollers at the construction joints, do not use scraper towels, etc.

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