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August 19 , 2021

In recent years, water-based paint has become the main force of coatings due to its more environmentally friendly ingredients. Water-based paint does not contain formaldehyde. This type of paint is a paint prepared with water-soluble resin as the film-forming material and synthetic resin emulsion as the film-forming material. And this paint looks crystal clear and translucent, and its flexibility is very good. In addition, the water resistance is also good, suitable for wood, plastic, glass and other materials.

Among water-based paints, real gold leaf paint is well known and used because of its own color, while water-based gold paint has many other characteristics that are not available. The drying speed is also fast, and it also has a high-intensity light effect, and the color is more durable. Only a thin layer is enough to achieve the reflection effect. It is a special reflective paint with strong reflectivity.

What are the advantages of water-based gold leaf paint?

1.It can be constructed after being diluted with clean water, and the construction is convenient.

2.It belongs to water-based paint series, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

3.Strong gloss and color retention, good weather resistance and long service life.

4.The colors are gorgeous, magnificent and decorative.

5.Compared with solvent-based gold foil paint, the paint film is softer, but it has excellent weather resistance.

What is the construction process of water-based gold leaf paint?

1.Remove oil and dirt on the work surface before spraying paint, and keep the work surface clean and dry.

2.The 24k gold leaf paint must be stirred evenly before use.

3.Applied on pure white bottom layer, the effect of gold foil paint is better, and the coating requirements are even.

4.The dry film thickness of the paint is required to reach 0.1mm.

5.The thinner of this coating product is butyl acetate (butyl acetate) or cyclohexanone.

The four characteristics of gold foil paint make it have strong market competitiveness.

1.The water-based gold foil paint is synthesized by using a variety of raw materials, and is synthesized by high-tech production technology, so it has the characteristics of good durability, washable, quick-drying and easy to paint.

2.The water-based gold foil paint is diluted with water, which is healthy and environmentally friendly.

3.As a kind of paint, water-based gold foil paint has strong luminosity, long-lasting color, and does not need too much to achieve the reflective effect. It is a specialized material with luminous intensity.

4.The operation is relatively simple, and the construction is also very convenient.

The construction process of gold leaf paint is not complicated, so the application is still very extensive, and it can play its role in dozens of fields. Common things such as traffic facilities, highway signs, billboards, car number magnifications, highway barriers, road signs, road number plates, fire-fighting facilities, bus display signs, decoration projects, etc. can all use this material. Other fields such as ships, railways, airports, coal mines, subways, etc. have also been widely used.

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