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December 07 , 2020

Gold foil is often seen in daily life, and can be seen in furniture decoration. But there are still many people who don't know gold foil. Let's learn about the common problems of gold foil.

What is the effect of gold foil as medicine?

Gold foil as medicine has the functions of calming the heart, calming the nerves, detoxifying, treating convulsion, mania, palpitation and sores. "Theory of drug properties": it mainly deals with children's shock and injury, Wuzang wind epilepsy, loss of ambition, calming the mind and calming the soul.

Chinese herbal medicine: it is mainly used for epilepsy, wind heat, cough, typhoid, lung damage, vomiting blood, bone steaming, extreme thirst, promoting the five Zang evil Qi and tonifying the heart; it is incorporated into the thin Yu pill and taken in powder.

Is the gold foil edible? 24K Edible Gold leaf

As early as 1983, the Codex Committee on food additives of the World Health Organization had stipulated that gold could be used as a food additive. The Ministry of health of China approved that gold foil should also be included in "substances used as new energy sources of food". Therefore, gold foil with composite standards can be eaten.

Does gold foil have cosmetic effect? 24K cosmetic gold foil

Gold foil can be used for beauty. It has existed in ancient China. There is a saying in Mulan Ci that "when the window is arranged, the clouds are trimmed, and the mirror is pasted with yellow flowers". Nowadays, gold foil perfume and gold foil skin cream have become a member of the cosmetics team.

Gold foil used in cosmetics as active gold ultrafine particles can improve skin permeability, regulate skin acid and alkali, nourish skin, prevent ultraviolet damage, eliminate toxins and prevent pigment formation.

Can gold foil be made for paintings? Gold Foil Paper for Paintings

Of course, gold foil painting can be made into paintings. The research and development of gold foil painting began in the early 1990s. At the beginning, it was used to make gold business cards, certificates and other small pieces of gold foil crafts for some craft factories in Taiwan and Hong Kong, thus creating a precedent of gold foil graphic creation technology. In 1995, under the promotion of research and development of gold foil factories and gold foil factories in the mainland of China, gold foil painting began to become popular.

What is gold foil made of?

Gold foil is a thin piece of gold hammered into. Due to its good ductility and plasticity, one or two (31.25g) of pure gold can be hammered into gold foil with thickness of one thousandth of a millimeter and an area of 16.2 square meters. In other words, one gram of gold can be made into about 0.5 square meters of spring gold foil with a thickness of 0.12 μ m.

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