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January 04 , 2021

Gold foil, because of its physical characteristics and artistic value, has achieved its multiple roles in daily life. Applying on gold foil is an ancient art and a treasure of traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts. Classical furniture often with the help of gold foil bright color, unique wear old, solid fit, natural, create a refined image.

Before the furniture is gilded, it should be polished carefully to ensure the bright and smooth appearance, without oil flow, paint stripping and scratch. The gilded part almost eliminates any dust and stains, and small defects will affect the subsequent effect and texture presentation. Applying on the gold foil is like writing with a brush on a smooth and white rice paper. First of all, there must be no bubbles, no flow marks, no broken glue and no accumulated glue.

After gluing, the gold foil can be pasted. Apply on gold foil for the strength of the grasp requirements are quite high, too heavy force is easy to wear gold foil and even furniture surface, too light force is not adhesion, easy to fall off. The whole process is hard, warm and tight; keep the gold foil impartial, to the letter, take care of every detail carefully. To stick the gold foil well, you need to clean the velvet, brush the top coat, and finish the old process of washing and sanding.

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