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March 29 , 2021

The unique craftsmanship of gold leaf painting makes it form a unique artistic feature. 24k gold leaf painting is a craft made of gold, and at the same time, gold leaf painting is a brand-new painting craft developed on the basis of the art of gold carving.

In artistic painting creation, gold foil is an important material, and its own lighting characteristics have attracted countless artists to use gold foil as a material for artistic creation.

In this way, not only can the original artwork on paper be vividly reproduced with golden texture, but also more brilliant and valuable than the original artwork. In terms of image quality and material, the gold leaf painting is based on ultra-fine gold leaf made of 24K gold, combined with the unique powerful functions of a computer, to form precious handicrafts with noble and luxurious texture and exquisite craftsmanship, which accurately reflects 24k gold leaf value.

So what are the outstanding characteristics of gold leaf painting?

1. Bright colors and magnificent

The art of gold leaf painting is different from simple pen and ink calligraphy and painting. It not only pays attention to the stylistic characteristics of the original painting, but also pays attention to the combination of gold materials and paper, color blocks, patterns and lines. It is guaranteed that the addition of gold foil will not look out of season, and it can also be the icing on the cake, and even achieve the finishing touch.

2. Superb craftsmanship and unique style

The gold foil craft paint uses gold foil, silver foil and copper foil as the base material, and the undeformed and crack-free whole board is the bottom plate. Professional handicraft painters use plastic, engraving and painting art to create coloring effects based on design samples. It has the functions of display, collection and display, and can set the atmosphere of the scene for the decoration of all places.The distinctive personality characteristics make the gold leaf painting more precious. The most important thing is that gold will never fade, and it will be new for a long time.

The outstanding features of gold leaf flakes painting have always attracted the attention of many people. Whether it is from the appearance or the touch, you will feel a kind of noble breath and exquisite craftsmanship.

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